Construction Management

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Construction Management

Our construction management team works with property owners and developers to assure their project is a financial success.  We represent the owner and work with their general contractor to make sure the project is completed on schedule, within budget and assure the contract documents are completed.  Construction management is much like a consultant where we take the work load off the owners and represent them at all levels of the project.

We offer these services throughout the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland region.  Here are a few examples of where we can help owners and developers manage their project more efficiently.

Construction management Washington DC
Construction management Washington DC

Construction Management Services Offered

  • Utility Coordination
  • Budget Review
  • Owner Meeting Representation
  • General Contractor Bidding
  • Contract Compliance
  • Change Order Negotiation
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Construction Scheduling and Timelines


Learn more on how our construction management team will save you time, money and effort.

Less Time In Meetings

We help owners and developers by representing them at meetings with their best interest in mind.  This will save you time and energy going to coordination meetings.

Timely Schedules

Projects can easily slip away with complex schedules.  Having a construction manager review and assure timely schedules is the best way to keep on track.

Better Pricing

We have dealt with many general contractors in the Washington DC region and competitively bidding your project is the correct way to get good pricing.

Better Cash Flow

We will take a look at your cash flow statements and give you better advice on when you will need draws ready based on the construction schedule.

Negotiate Change Orders

Changes orders will happen as no engineer or architect has perfect drawings.  We will negotiate on your behalf to assure honestly in pricing.

Accurate Budgets

Having accurate budgets is the key to any project success.  We not only create internal budgets but we will review your general contractor’s projections.

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