7th Hill Pizza

7th Hill Pizza - Washington, DC

The owners of 7th Hill Pizza, located in the Palisades section of Washington, DC, contacted us as they were in the beginning stages of developing their neapolitan pizza concept.  The original store was a core and shell and we turned it into a beautiful place for family and friends to gather for pizza and neapolitan pizza.  The project was a 5 month build out from the time we started framing all the way through furniture, fixtures and equipment.  Today, this pizza parlor is a booming business in the Palisades section of Washington, DC.

The signature piece of this construction was their custom bar that was finished with glazed wood as the main surface for customers to eat and drink.  We had our subcontractor build the bar at their workshop and then install the finishing pieces over a two week period.

Scope of Work

  • Custom Bar
  • Wooden Storefront Finishes
  • Sealed Concrete Floors
  • Structural Metals
  • Custom Booths
  • Custom Lighting

If you happen to be in this section DC, stop by 4885 MacAruthur Boulevard NW, Washington DC and grab a pizza and beer while you’re in the neighborhood.

  • Categories: Restaurant
  • Client: 7th Hill Pizza
  • Completed Date: February 03, 2016
  • Budget: $450,000
  • Duration: 5 Months